Band members in Cult of Luna

A lot of people are asking us about the change in the line up so here is the explanation.

Anders left the band unexpectedly during the recording of 'Vertikal'. 
We were taken by surprise and although we had issues with the reasoning behind it, we respected his decision. 
We are still on very good terms - and with what we have experienced together through the years, we will all be friends for life.
The only person we could think of to replace him for touring duties was our good friend and musical genius Kristian Karlsson from PG lost.

He has been with us for the last three years and during the writing and recording of 'Mariner' he became a full time member.

In 2014 Erik told us that he was forced to quit.
He gave us a good "heads up" so we knew that when we stepped off stage from the 'Beyond the Redshift' festival it was for the last time with him. 
We didn’t want him to quit the band and he didn’t either. But the fact of the matter is that the day only holds twenty four hours and the week only holds seven days. 
We are not a full time band but still Cult of Luna consumes a lot of time and effort that in his case was needed elsewhere.
His departure is still hard to accept. When we started the band we were just teenagers and I used to spend the weekends at his parents house when we practiced in his hometown of Skellefteå.
He has been a part of every single Cult of Luna record up till now, from the first demo until 'Vertikal II'. Although you’ll not see him live, he is still a part of the Cult of Luna universe. 
As you probably already have guessed through the brilliant design of the 'Mariner' artwork, it’s Erik's contribution to the record.

Erik’s shoes can not be filled and his spot will not be replaced. 
David Johansson, from the beast of a band Kongh, has been nice enough to be a hired gun/guitar for us since Erik's departure.

That was all.
Thank you for reading.